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At a glance 

QC Group is one of the leading name in the shipping industry in Bangladesh. In its 52 Years of existence, the group has earned credibility as well as reputation for dependable and quality service. Currently, 10 companies comprised of professional, enthusiastic, youthful and highly motivated personnel, are rendering their services in QC offices home and abroad. The acronym 'QC' is, in fact, well known in the domain of trading, transport and logistics throughout Pacific and Trans-Atlantic regions.

For the rationalization of its business activities the group has taken ambitious plan in the fields of 'Transport and logistics - that by the year 2010 will help the group grow into the largest Transport and Logistic conglomerate in this region.

Effective management, professionalism and a very high quality service underpin the group's vision for future growth.


Mr.Saifuddin Quader Chowdhury Mr.Giasuddin Quader Chowdhury Mr.Jamaluddin Quader Chowdhury