mission and vision


The service of QC is expanding dramatically. We always are there where our customers need us � be it a remote or difficult place. Since our services are ISO certified, our customers can rely on our services. We build long term relationship with our clients.

This helps us to get better understanding of clients` demands and at the same time get in-depth knowledge of the maritime industry. This brings improved business performances and profitability both for the clients and for us. Since QC Shipping is working worldwide, it seeks to build solid relationship with the existing clients and with the new ones it aspires to work for.

It is concerned with the clients` interests and willing to reshape its service which it offers. We have efficient expertise to deal with any difficult situation.


Our vision is to become the one of the leading shipping line and globally recognized shipping line in the days to come by performing our duties loyally and dedicatedly.

Why will you choose QC Shipping Lines?

We think you can rely on us for the following reasons:

1. QC Shipping Lines is completely customer oriented shipping agency and committed to assist our client in expanding their business

2. QC Shipping Lines should be your first choice because you can trust on us. Trustworthiness is the only thing that differ us from the other shipping companies.

3. We are innovative and introduce committed to introduce or change our policies for our valued customers.

4. We have a group of reliable and dedicated employees who are ready to do for you anything necessary.