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Chairman's Message 

A few words from Chairman
On behalf of QC, I'm pleased to introduce our company- a maritime solution expert and service provider in Bangladesh, Far East, South Asia and the Gulf. With more than half a century history that reflects stability and strength, QC Group of Companies has scaled the height of achievement as a conglomerate of transportation and logistics in this region diversified with ship owning, main line representation, equipment management, etc.

World trade is likely to continue its growth in the coming years. The Maritime Industry itself, being the main transport sector of prominence in the global multi modal chain where more than 90% of world trade is conducted through sea, have undergone rapid transformation by multiple fold from the traditional conventional methods of sea carriage to containerisation and the world trade is expected rise to 100 million TEU's by the year 2010.


To cope with the increasingly competitive market environment, QC has formulated the following management plans:

1. To cooperate actively in the international shipping market with base in Asian market.
2. To provide better service with young and comprehensive fleet profile.
3. To capitalize our financial strengths to create competitiveness and advantageous conditions over other players.
4. To develop container shipping as core business side by side promote bulk shipping with accumulation of professional knowledge.
5. To implement information technology to enable us to excel and strategise our plan in response to the market changes.
6. To invest in an ever-expanding market to develop logistic supply chain business including ocean-river, land, railway, air and warehousing.

Shipping market is highly volatile and cyclical in nature. Our plan is to attain the maximum profit with optimal portfolio mixed in vessel's deployment in long-term charter and spot trades. Furthermore, the Company will continue our plan of tightening control measures in risk management procedure, fleet and safety management, International Safety Management (ISM), International Ship and Port Facilities Security Codes (ISPS) standards. E-procurement system and vessel maintenance program have also been implemented progressively

The Board firmly believe that the new milestone as a listed company is only a start to a new beginning for QC into becoming a conglomerate in the global shipping industry and assure all its valued shareholders and investors of ever high returns to their shareholding wealth.

Lastly, on behalf of Group, I thank all our invaluable customers, principals, partners in business and each and every industry participant for their continuous support and strength given to us in our progressive success in realising our vision and goals.

Saifuddin Quader Chowdhury