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Intermodal Logistics 

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Transport and logistics are the integral part of total shipping. Logistic support like container handling equipments, high tech communication devices enhance vessel performance and productivity. Especially, it immensely facilitates inter-modal transport like container and cargo movements within port; link up port, container depots and customers' door that eventually improve the level of service.

QC Group has built up a huge division of these equipments and played the role of a pioneer in introducing the use of private equipments at Chittagong Port.

Contact Details :

Intermodal Logistics
C/O, QC Shipping Limited
Agrabad, Chittagong
Tel : +(88031) 714307-8, 714995-7
Fax : +(88031) 710547, 724947
E-mail : info@ctg.qc-group.com

QC Equipments At A Glance
Item Nos Type
Fork Lift 3 Laden Move
Fork Lift 1 Empty Move
Prime Mover(TATA) 10  
Prime Mover (Renault) 9  
Prime Mover (Nissan) 1  
Hammer Lift 1 20' Mty/Ldn
Hammer Lift 1 40' Mty/Ldn
Chassis (Dutch Lanka) 24